Seven Devils

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I HAD JUST FINISHED REVENGE SEASON 1! I would have finished it way earlier, but due to exams, I had to postpone the last three episodes. Let me just tell you this: it was amazing.

So today is the Malay, French and Chinese second paper exam and because I don’t take a language, I’m staying home! Woots. What did I do? Finish Revenge, DUH. It was amazing. So, so, so amazing.

Daniel & Emily

Broke up. I was so so so happy. I loved Daniel and Emily together because…well, Daniel was so nice and caring. He really cared for Emily and was in love. I had thought maybe because of him, Emily will slowly neglect her plans…but that was until Daniel learned the truth about David Clarke and chose to stand by his father. OF COURSE EMILY WILL START UN-LOVING YOU. OH MY GOD. I cannot believe Daniel would do that. I have lost all love and respect for him. He got angry at Emily for keeping secrets? Hah. Funny boy. You’re keeping the biggest secret from her (even though she already knows it). Daniel, we loved you. But Emily was so right when she said this upon breaking up with him.

“You’ve changed too. You’ve become what you always told me you didn’t want to be. A Grayson”

Emily & Victoria

Oh my god. Love these two together. Two of the most conniving women ever in one room? AMAZINGNESS! Victoria has been on to Emily and it makes her such a heartless bitch, but really, she’s just trying to protect her family. 

“I knew that your future with Daniel was as empty as that box.”

Conrad & Victoria

Oh my god. The most epic short-fight ever. Before Victoria left to board the plane to DC, Conrad was all shouting at her, 

“Stepping onto that plane could be the last thing you could ever do.”

And Victoria’s response?

“Then I’ll see you in Hell.”

I loved how she just wanted to let everything out, unleash her inner demons. But oh my god, that fight ❤

Guise. I prompt you to watch Revenge if you haven’t already.

Best show ever. And I watch 19 other shows.