The Wonderful World of Booktube

Hi all!

I had just discovered this magical world, 8 months ago, and that world is Booktube. If you don’t know what Booktube is, it’s basically a community in youtube where people sit in front of a camera and talk about books! In technical terms: video book blogging. It has consumed me since then, and I’ve ditched all my other subscriptions. Sure, I watch a beauty video every once in a while, but I always find myself gravitating towards Booktubers.

Albeit being less viewed than beauty gurus, or even life-style vloggers, Booktube has some of the best personalities I’ve ever seen. (Case in point: Christine Riccio from polandbananasBOOKS)

I’ve just started my 3 week break from school, and I have the whole summer off as well (yay!), so I’ve decided to pursue a new project in addition to book blogging and that is *drum rolls* BOOKTUBING! Yay!

So I am the most awkward person on camera, and hopefully it’ll get better over time but I think it’s a great medium to share thoughts and discuss books and whatnot. Plus, the tags circulating the community are so much fun to watch/do! I’ve just published my first video today, on a brand new channel with my two best friend being my first (and second) subscriber (lol, this is so sad) but I hope I have the motivation to post a video everyday or at least once every two days for the next 3 weeks!

My first video is on the Top 10 Influential Books in my life. The tag doesn’t require any explanation on each book but I’m thinking it’ll make a great blog post in the future. So if you want to see my first video, here it is (click on the photo) or just check out the channel: reviewsandrambles



Hope you all have a good day!



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