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I love TV shows with a passion, and if that makes me a couch potato, SO BE IT. Not only am I interested with stories and characters, but I’m also in love with how stories are written and shot with various camera angles and edited.  I feel like these different aspects give as much impact as the lines delivered on the show. As you know from my bio page, I watch a lot of television. My parents certainly don’t approve of this hobby (I call it a hobby), but I think consuming all these different kinds of television shows is great practise to when I actually create my own TV show in the future (pls let me dream, kay?)

I’ve combined a list of my Top Nine TV Shows out of the 20 something I watch and these nine shows I’ll be sharing with you are the ones that I think are written cleverly and the ones I enjoy most above others. Please note that in this list, I include  some which have been cancelled (unjustly, imo) as well as those that are still on going! Without further adieu…

9. Melissa & Joey


Okay, I know this is a weird pick and I don’t normally watch sitcoms, but I think this is actually really really fun! The show has it all: friendships, romance and family, all wrapped into 20 minute episodes! These episodes are bite-sized fun! It follows Melissa Joan Hart as Mel Burke, a single, sassy councilwoman who has to take care of her niece and nephew after their parents go to jail! Overwhelmed, she decides to hire a manny (male nanny, LOL!), who happens to be the victim of the Ponzi Scheme set up by these kid’s parents, to help take care of the new additions to the family. It’s a really quick show to go through if you’re in a show slump!

8. Elementary


No, I don’t watch Sherlock, and this is the closest I’m getting to ever watching it! Now, I know Sherlock is amazing bla bla bla, Benedict Cumberbatch, bla bla bla, but I simply don’t have anymore of myself to give. If I were to watch this show, I’d have to be 100% prepared for the obsessing that will ensue. I know, it’s amazing, I know it’s great but hey! Elementary is really great too! The reason why I’m giving the time of day to this show over Sherlock is simply because I prefer the show schedules much, much more. I can’t deal with like three long episodes a year, OKAY?! I know I shouldn’t compare seeing as I’ve only seen one show of the two, but many can vouch that it’s a pretty good adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series. It follows Johnny Lee Miller (fun fact: ex-hubby of Angelina Jolie!), an eccentric recovering drug addict who works as a consultant for the NYPD, and his sober companion who is also an ex-surgeon, Dr. Joan Watson! YES, A FEMALE JOHN WATSON, played by none other than Lucy Liu! The story arc of season 1 is cleverly written, and each episode is filled with suspense and great mystery! Totally recommend this.

7. Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars

A long time ago, we used to be friends. Now, I was only 8 when this show aired, but I recently marathon-ed the shit out of this! At first, I was totally put off by the bad outfits. It was 2004, I know, but it still put me off! The way episodes were shot, the pop cultural references…it was so COOL to experience ten years later! It quickly became a huge favourite of mine and Season 1 is all sorts of magical. I know it hit a rough patch in Season 3, but seriously? It wasn’t that bad! CW, Y U NO GIVE VERONICA A CHANCE? This series follows a high school outcast, who has fallen from grace after her best friend was murdered and her dad (the chief sheriff) pointed the finger at the father of the deceased. A year after this tragedy, we see Veronica and her dad working together as Private Investigators and it’s the. best. thing. I was so in love with this show a couple of months ago, and when I finished Season 3, I never left my bed. It was hard, you all. Not only were the story arcs and mysteries so intriguing, but the show had so many great comical elements and swoony romance! LoVe, you guys. Get on it.

6. Suits


Before I tell you how much I love this show, please note that I was bored out of my mind with the first two episodes. It was recommended to me by my brother, and he swore up and down that it was fantastic. After watching the pilot, I was disappointed, and not because it was bad, but because I WAS IN A VERONICA MARS RUT. I just wasn’t in the mood to open my heart up to another show. I wasn’t ready to loved something else, after my recent break-up with Veronica Mars. Fast-forward two months: I was fresh and ready for new experiences. I fell hard, you all. The show is so smart, funny, entertaining and Harvey Specter. Yes, I used Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht, as a descriptive word because he is the MAN. It follows the best closer in New York City, Mr. Specter, in the midst of hiring an associate from Harvard Law School. Bored out of his mind, and incredibly unimpressed with the candidates he’s interviewed, he runs into Mike Ross (played by Patrick J. Adams), a college dropout and drug dealer with an eidetic memory. And that is the start of one of the best partnerships on TV, everyone. Supporting characters are fantastic as well, ranging from the neurotic Type A junior partner, Louis Litt (“You’ve just been LITT UP!”) to the fiery know-it-all legal secretary, Donna…you will be entertained.

5. Nashville


I love musical theatre, musical dramas, musical comedies and pretty much anything with music in it. I love singing, I love drama…and that’s what you get when you watch Nashville! It helps entirely, if you’re into Country Music because this musical drama is set in the heart of country music, Nashville, Tennessee. The music for this show is beautiful. It’s melancholic, passionate and gorgeously sung by the actors. Yes! The actors actually sing it, 100%! And they are fantastic! They play the roles of talented but troubled musicians so, so well. The show follows an embellished country singer, Rayna James (portrayed by Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights) , who wants to make a comeback in the music industry. The drama ensues as she tries to balance family, with a husband starting his political carrer, and a rivalry against the “hot”, young star of the Country music industry, Juliette Barnes (played amazingly by Hayden Panettiere). The characters of this show are so multi-dimensional, and there’s always a second layer you never saw coming! This show has fantastic music, great characters and lovely, lovely deliveries. Recommend this, highly!

4. Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99

This FOX show is freaking hilarious. I learned of this show after it won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy. If that isn’t an impressive feat for a super new show, I don’t know what is! Curious, I started watching and found myself chuckling and chuckling and chuckling. The comedy is light-hearted, delivered with finesse, as you would expect from the lead, Andy Samberg and his ensemble cast consisting of Terry Crews and Andre Braugher. Andy Samberg plays Detective Peralta, who is immature, juvenile and annoying…but he’s the best Detective in the Precinct. Each episode centres on different cases, with an “Office-esque” feel as we have different, quirky characters interacting together. We have a neurotic cop, the blur case, the lazy assistant and the stoic Captain who happens to be gay (best character on the show, imo), and it all just works wonderfully together. Each episode is like a nacho, dipped in the most fattening cheese. You will fly through the series as quickly as I did.

3. Scandal


I experienced Scandal the same way I experienced Suits. Watched maybe 6 episodes, wasn’t so into it. One day I was bored out of my mind and I decided to start Season 2. And it was fabulous. This show is so gritty and intense, and packed with the most insane plot twists I have ever experienced. This show is a roller coaster ride, with addictive qualities that will make you salivate for more. I burned through an entire season and a half in one week. The tears I’ve shed over this show could last me a ten minute shower. Kerry Washington blows this role out of the park, portraying the powerful Olivia Pope, ex-White House official aide and current “crisis-averter”, working in her firm, Olivia Pope & Associates Crisis Management. She cleans up politician’s dirty messes, harbours her own dirty secrets, as well as battle the attraction and affair she has with the President of the United States. Even though I am not on the Olitz train (c’mon, it’s a toxic love!), the dynamics are very, very interesting.  You want drama? Watch Scandal. You want insane plot twists? Watch Scandal. You want a season finale that will reduce you to tears/make you go WTH? Watch Scandal.

2. Veep


There are no words to describe how much I love this show. It is possibly my most favourite comedy show ever. It is a satirical political show, following the Vice President of the United States. This show is pure genius, tackling serious issues with a comedic undertone and fantastic acting. Julia Louis-Dreyfus may be the best female comedian out there, because she plays “under-valued”, ambitious but sometimes not highly-qualified, VP, Selina Meyer so, so, so WELL. This show is vulgar, mind you, but the quips are so fantastically delivered and so hilarious, that you will find yourself curled up in a ball, tending to the severe stomach pains caused by laughter. If there is one comedy show you watch, let this be it. The only downside to this show is that each season comprises of around ten episodes PER YEAR. Do you know how hard Veep withdrawals are? So hard.

1. The Mindy Project


Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal. Actually, I hate it when people say “so and so is my spirit animal”. Like, what does that even mean? Why do people even say that?! My views changed, however, when I read her memoir, “Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me?” which is all kinds of wonderful. If there is one person I want to be/one person I want to be best friends with, it is Miss Mindy Kaling. I have never watched The Office before, but I knew she was funny on it, so I expected nothing less from her new show on FOX. I am hooked. This show is like a rom-com (emphasis on comedy), but not the eye-rolling kind of rom-com. It follows an OBGYN who is slightly narcissistic and a huge romantic, Dr Mindy Lahiri. She dates lots of guys on the show and these misadventures are so endearing and so comical that you can’t help but feel some empathy towards the characters. Why this show took my Top Spot, is because I sometimes identify with Dr Lahiri, and it’s just so great and fun to watch her life unfold messily on screen.


That is my long list of Top 9 Favourite TV Shows! Choosing was very hard, but I think I did it right. Of course, over a period of time, the orders might change and some shows won’t be on my list next year, but who knows?! These are the shows I’ve enjoyed as of 2013-2014 and I hope I urge you enough to check them out! Tell me what shows YOU like! 🙂



Seven Devils

now playing: lucky strike by maroon 5

I HAD JUST FINISHED REVENGE SEASON 1! I would have finished it way earlier, but due to exams, I had to postpone the last three episodes. Let me just tell you this: it was amazing.

So today is the Malay, French and Chinese second paper exam and because I don’t take a language, I’m staying home! Woots. What did I do? Finish Revenge, DUH. It was amazing. So, so, so amazing.

Daniel & Emily

Broke up. I was so so so happy. I loved Daniel and Emily together because…well, Daniel was so nice and caring. He really cared for Emily and was in love. I had thought maybe because of him, Emily will slowly neglect her plans…but that was until Daniel learned the truth about David Clarke and chose to stand by his father. OF COURSE EMILY WILL START UN-LOVING YOU. OH MY GOD. I cannot believe Daniel would do that. I have lost all love and respect for him. He got angry at Emily for keeping secrets? Hah. Funny boy. You’re keeping the biggest secret from her (even though she already knows it). Daniel, we loved you. But Emily was so right when she said this upon breaking up with him.

“You’ve changed too. You’ve become what you always told me you didn’t want to be. A Grayson”

Emily & Victoria

Oh my god. Love these two together. Two of the most conniving women ever in one room? AMAZINGNESS! Victoria has been on to Emily and it makes her such a heartless bitch, but really, she’s just trying to protect her family. 

“I knew that your future with Daniel was as empty as that box.”

Conrad & Victoria

Oh my god. The most epic short-fight ever. Before Victoria left to board the plane to DC, Conrad was all shouting at her, 

“Stepping onto that plane could be the last thing you could ever do.”

And Victoria’s response?

“Then I’ll see you in Hell.”

I loved how she just wanted to let everything out, unleash her inner demons. But oh my god, that fight ❤

Guise. I prompt you to watch Revenge if you haven’t already.

Best show ever. And I watch 19 other shows.