TOP THURSDAY’S: Kick-Ass Female Characters!



So every Thursday, I figured I’d do a list of whatever’s to whittle down my favourites! From characters I’d go to the beach with to books I’d like throw into the jungle away from humanity…I’ll pretty much cover it every Thursday! This Thursday I decided to be a little generic and talk about my favourite kick-ass female characters! Without further adieu here are my TOP 5!


5. Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson & the Olympians Series/Heroes of Olympus Series)

Annabeth Chase

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you the BRAIN behind Percy’s pursuits: Annabeth Chase. She is so delightfully smart, caring to those who don’t deserve it (ahem, Luke) and she constantly makes Percy (who is also my book boyfriend, ahem) better. And you know what the best part about loving Annabeth is? You can see her character develop immensely from ‘Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief’ all the way to the books in the ‘Heroes of Olympus’ series. That’s a whole lotta Annabeth and a whole lotta kick-assery! (Percabeth is totally my OTP, you guys and I loved how their relationship blossomed!)

PERCY: “What if it lines up like it did in the Trojan War … Athena versus Poseidon?”
ANNABETH: “I don’t know. But I just know that I’ll be fighting next to you.”
PERCY: “Why?”
ANNABETH: “Because you’re my friend, Seaweed Brain. Any more stupid questions?” 

4. Isabelle Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments Series)

Isabelle Lightwood

Hands down, my favourite female character in The Mortal Instruments series. She is so kick-butt and I remember reading her for the first time: white dress on, whip in hand at Pandemonium. Like DAMN, you do not mess with her. Also, her bantering with Jace and their relationship was so endearing to watch and I really think she’s a funny character. You have Jace Wayland and Simon Lewis providing services as the comedic reliefs but then you also have Isabelle providing quips like these,

“Alec looked at her and shook his head. “How do you manage never to get mud on your clothes?”
Isabelle shrugged philosophically. “I’m pure at heart. It repels the dirt.” 

I really love the direction Cassandra Clare is pushing her towards as well as the relationship she has with Simon. *SWOON*! Definitely a character who can hold her own in a battle as well as a caring and doting sister towards Alec.

3. Waverly Marshall (Sky Chasers Trilogy)

Waverly Marshall

I really think this is the most underrated sci-fi trilogy out there. This is one of the best sci-fi books I’ve ever read. It’s pretty much a psychological thriller that kept me up all night. Waverly Marshall is the main female protagonist aboard the spaceship Empyrean and she along with all the other teenage girls are abducted by the sister ship, New Horizon, where they are made to do HORRIFIC things.

I swear, I wanted to vomit just reading what had happened but I really really admired Waverly Marshall. She isn’t kick-ass in the physical sense (but it’s not like she’s frail either) but her character and her determination shone in this book. She is damaged by what had happened to her, but she is brave against all odds.

 “You’re so naïve.” Felicity laughed scornfully. “Don’t you see what people are? They’re animals. Every one of them.”

“Felicity.” Waverly grabbed hold of the girl’s hand and squeezed hard enough to hurt, until Felicity lifted her eyes to Waverly’s. “We’re animals, too. We can fight back.”
Felicity yanked her hand away. “You idiot. It doesn’t matter how hard you fight.”
“It matters to me,” Waverly said quietly.
“So fight, then,” Felicity spat over her shoulder.
Waverly stood up, fists clenched. “I will.” 

2. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games Trilogy)

Katniss Everdeen

Cue *gasp*! Call the press! Katniss Everdeen is not number 1! Oh dear lord. Katniss Everdeen is no doubt the most kick-ass female character out there…but why didn’t I put her as #1, you ask? Well for a number of reasons! For starters, she is everybody’s number 1 and for a period of time, she was my number 1 too! Secondly, it’s just been a long time since I read ‘The Hunger Games’ and although the effect of such an influential character is not lost on me, I’ve had read other characters (just one, actually, heh) that has impressed me so much and is fresher on my mind. Now enough explaining myself…

Here is why Katniss is KICK-ASS! …Actually, I don’t even have to tell you…your cousin/brother/grandpa has probably seen the movie/read the book and would know why she’d be considered an amazing character… but basically, for me,  the love she has for her sister is so admirable which really allowed me to emotionally connect with Katniss. The strength she possessed throughout the 74th and 75th Hunger Games and the obstacles she faced? How could she not be classified as kick-ass?

“I want to tell the rebels that I am alive. That I’m right here in District Eight, where the Capitol has just bombed a hospital full of unarmed men, women and children. There will be no survivors.” The shock I’ve been feeling begins to give way to fury. “I want to tell people that if you think for one second the Capitol will treat us fairly if there’s a cease-fire, you’re deluding yourself. Because you know who they are and what they do.” My hands go out automatically, as if to indicate the whole horror around me. “This is what they do and we must fight back!”

1. Rose Hathaway (Vampire Academy Series)

Rose Hathaway

Rose freaking Hathaway. She is probably my most FAVOURITE character in the universe right now. She is fiery, hilarious, strong-willed and fiercely loyal to her best friend Lissa Dragomir. Sure she has a short temper and she occasionally breaks the rules…but her rebelliousness is well-intentioned. She never fails to make me laugh and I love how protective she is of Lissa and that she always puts her before her own interests. She is by no means a perfect character; yes, she has flaws (and many of them), but there is no denying that she is never malicious on purpose (only when they deserve it, LOL). That’s what I love about Rose: she’s not afraid to speak her mind, even when she is outnumbered. I’ll never forget the scene of her hearing at the end of Spirit Bound…and the scene where she stood up for the Dhampirs against the age decree the Moroi agreed on. I fist-pumped the air, holding back a “whoop! whoop!” at 3 am. Also, we can’t not mention her enviable guardian skills. So. Kick. Ass.

Can we also appreciate that Rose is not only confident in her skills but in her appearance? I’m not saying characters with low self-esteem are bad, it’s just a little nauseating that I’ve read so many in a row that were constantly bringing themselves down and then they’re like *gasp* when their love interest  says they’re beautiful. Rose is confident in how she looks like, and I think it’s amazing. Looks aren’t everything, yes, but it’s great to read about someone who is comfortable in their own skin and doesn’t need a guy to tell her that to feel ‘validated’.

I crossed my arms over my chest. “Are you lost, little girl? The elementary school’s over on west campus.”

A pink flush spread over her cheeks. “Don’t you ever touch me again. You screw with me, I’ll screw you right back.”

Oh man, what an opening that was.